PAZ will to bring your office to the highest level implementing the most advanced design techniques from the first sketch until the construction phase.

PAZ offers a special learning method that combines GIS, CAD, BIM, parametric design understanding and using data consciously in your work process.  In the first step we create together a structured, individual plan. You will be closely accompanied and trained throughout the entire process to optimise and automate your workflow in the long term. Your team will learn the know-how of the most advanced planning methods.

We do not teach or sell you a software, we want to give you the knowledge to use them all! We tell you more about computer, data and the logic behind it, adapting to your daily needs, to reach your professional freedom. You will be able to create your own tools, to overcome software limitations, and maintain your design quality with new technologies.

This long term implementation plan includes trainings and workshops of the employees, professional digital office library tools, personal office website, etc.

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