PAZ Article in Architektur+Technik

PAZ Parametric Design Article in Architektur + Technik

PAZ Parametric Design Article

In the December issue of Architektur + Technik you can read about parametric design, visual scripting and of course how the PAZ Story began and why we fall in love with these topics. 🖤

After recognizing the power of parametric design and the unique and mixed experience working with architects, engineers, designers and artist in different countries worldwide over the past 10 years leaded to our Academy work and BSS Title. 💡

We share not only the deep understanding about parametric design + BIM and visual scripting, but also the necessary process and methods of organizing your work and connect with your daily job, after our longtime professional experience and knowledge working in offices, on different type of projects, handling complex problems and deadlines!

If you have couple of minutes, go for it, buy it and read it! We are curious about your opinion! 🧐

PAZ Parametric Design Article : PAZ + Architektur + Technik

Thanks for this amazing article Architektur + Technik! And first of all thanks for Morris for the professional and easy going collaboration! 😊