We are really happy to have the honour of creating a special design for a special wedding  : D

We have combined arts & crafts with technology to create the most personal and appropriate design that made our client’s dream come true! ; )  All the name – sitting cards, menu cards and gifts were painted carefully with gold and red Bordeaux watercolour, with a brush,  sponge and a lot of feeling and sensitivity : D

For the inner part of the box – which is holding the different types of the design – we used digitalfabrication,  testing and finding the best fit and presentation for the couple : )

For the cover – J&C sticker – PAZ created a lovely Hungarian pattern generator that is flexible and adaptable for the perfect design and preserves a small part of the heritage,  reminding to the Hungarian animated series, the storytelling about love, truthfulness and true values and principles :

We are very happy and grateful to be part of this dream and happiness and we wish the couple many wonderful years : )  👩‍❤️‍👨✨