A common mistake made by companies is an inordinate focus on the design process. At times, there is a failure to understand how parametric design can actually change the nature and the flow of the design and construction, and consequently, the true benefits for the team and the next projects.

Our 4-Step Program is modular and takes companies from the first parametric line to full implementation. Companies can choose what parts of the program are best adapted to their needs to ensure success. For PAZ, your knowledge is the most important, helping you to create your own tools, to overcome software limitations, and maintain your design quality and sensibility with new technologies. We don’t want to sell you software, we want to give you the knowledge to use them all.


What we can achieve together- the 4 Step Program :

TOOL-SET Do you often have the same problems in your team and always do the same work process? Are you aware that there are efficient tools that can save you time and money? PAZ has the perfect tool suite for you!   TRAININGS Let’s dive in and learn the best practices to empower your design process for your daily workflow with parametric design! We provide our clients specialized trainings to ensure the know how.


COLLABORATIONThere may be parts of your project that are not up to standard and very challenging. Would you like to work closely with us during the duration of the project to find out how you can create added value through the use of technology, digital tools and our many years of experience?   OIP – OFFICE IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Create your own digital tool library with PAZ in a structured implementation plan tailored to your individual needs and projects. You will be closely accompanied and trained throughout the entire process to optimise and automate your workflow in the long term.