1 day – turbo paz design workshop

Date:            10 September 2020
Time:            9:00am – 17:00pm / incl. break
Location:   Zürich, Switzerland
Costs:          7 hours / 979 CHF
Seats:           max. 15 / min. 5
Language: English / Deutsch



What exactly is the workshop about? The dynamic circle of your creative design process: from the first input until the BIM-Model and its visualisation

    • PART 1 : INPUT / GIS (Geographic Information System) : you learn how to find information in the databases, how to use and transform it to a useful CAD Geometry
    • PART 2 : CAD (Computer Aided Design) : in Rhinoceros (3D Modeling Software) you create your desired geometry and use Grasshopper (Parametric Design Editor) to calculate and optimize the result for your design
    • PART 3 : BIM (Building Information Modeling) : you learn how to translate 2D Rhino geometry to 3D BIM Elements (Slabs, Columns, Walls and Windows) for the first stage design
    • PART 4 : VR (Virtual Reality ) / VISUALISATION : with the help of Twinmotion we make the first step how to connect your BIM Model software to analyze and present in real time with real changes : )


This PAZ 1 DAY TURBO course is for you, if you :

    • do competitions, studies, preliminary projects on your daily base
    • want to spend more time with your design and decide important questions
    • like to try out multiple design variations in short time
    • want to make your workflow dynamic, updated in real time
    • want to learn how to find the best result for your design
    • you spend way to much time with calculation of your variations
    • want to get in touch with genetic algorythm and optimization process
    • don’t know how to transform your 2D Design to BIM
    • want to keep your design quality and sensibility with new technologies
    • have to deliver a BIM competition and you think it will take too much time
    • would like to know shortcuts to acces and use GIS Data
    • want to connect your 3D Project real time with VR and thrill your client
    • want more cooperation, transparency and traceability in your process
    • want to simplify many work steps and above all to create consistency
    • want to stay competitive with your own style


Terms and conditions:

    • Training does not include general ARCHICAD, Revit training
    • It is the responsibility of the trainees to arrange their own computer and install ARCHICAD 22/23 or Revit2020, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper software
    • We cannot provide computers, so you have to bring your own


Click on the ” MANUAL ” button for the full program or on the “REGISTER ” button for an amazing and intense day with PAZ : D

Some examples:


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