Date:            16 – 20 March 2020
                        * looking for new dates to ensure that it can take place safely
                        5 DAYS : Monday – Friday  
                        + Jam Sessions / evenings
Time:           9:00am – 3:00pm / incl. break
                        4:00pm – 6:30pm / jam session
Location:   McNeel Europe, Barcelona, Spain
Costs:          28 + 10 hours / 679 EUR
Seats:          max. 15
Language: English / Español

*NEW UPDATE: Due the worldwide health issue we are forced to postpone our Computational Design Week Barcelona. We have been planning this amazing week for more than 5 months with much effort and love. We are sad but at the same time excited to share with you all these amazing content as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your understanding and collaboration in this hard time.

The Course :

Learn how to create PARAMETRIC BIM models in ARCHICAD with Rhino and Grasshopper; how to try multiple design variations in short time, how to manage the I from BIM and create extraordinary forms and take the design process to a higher level : D

What exactly is the workshop about? 

    • Parametric Design and BIM
    • Basic use of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper
    • Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection
    • Design Process: the live, versatile and bi-directional nature of the connection
    • System creation, data management, algorithmic thinking
    • Practical, everyday exercises and examples: program input to develop and optimize our design, calculations and building systems
    • PARTY: Best Practices, Plug-Ins, Beers and Tapas : D

  By the end of the full training week, you will:

    • Have an understanding of the basics of Rhino and Grasshopper
    • Be able to create Systems and transform CAD geometry into BIM elements : D
    • Be confident in precision and the optimization of your work : D
    • Learn how to develop and manage LIST and DATA and the workflow between List to CAD to BIM : )
    • Learn how to approach normal daily problems and challenges
    • Be confident in Early Stage Design with BIM: you will learn to have more control and precision in our decisions like professionals
    • You will learn the automation skills of repetitive tasks
    • You will be able to understand, edit and develop your first usable definitions
    • Cross the Limits of the Design, Connecting Multiple fields of Knowledge : D
    • Listen and able to ask professionals from the Computational Design Field

In the evenings our Jam Sessions will have the following topics:

    • Gaudí + Barcelona
    • GIS (Geographic Information System)
    • Animation /VR
    • ArchiCAD + Revit

We provide participants snacks and refreshments : D The maximum group size is 15 people. We cannot provide computers, so you have to bring your own.

Terms and conditions: 

    • Training does not include general ARCHICAD training
    • It is the responsibility of the trainees to arrange their own computer and install ARCHICAD 22/23, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper software

Click on the ” MANUAL ” button for the full program or on the  “REGISTER ” button for an amazing and intense week with PAZ : D

Some examples: