Date:            1 Month / PART
                        3 Months / PACK
Location:   ONLINE
Language: English with Spanish/German/Hungarian Chat ; )


Our students said:  


Learn how to create PARAMETRIC BIM models in ARCHICAD with Rhino and Grasshopper; how to try multiple design variations in short time, how to manage the I from BIM and take the design process to a higher level : D This course is focused on the Live connection between ArchiCAD and Grasshopper. We created an exciting and challenging platform to show and teach you the power of parametric design with the best platform, which will open a new door for you to get deeper in this amazing world and learn more connections as a professional : D

What exactly is the Title about? 

      • Parametric Design and BIM : how to think in systems and not in 1 by 1 elements
      • Basic use of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper
      • ArchiCAD + Grasshopper Live Connection : D
      • Transformation of 2D CAD geometry into 3D BIM Elements : D
      • System creation, workflow and data management, algorithmic thinking
      • Control and precesion
      • Best pracitces, normal daily problems
      • Plug-Ins, Analysis, Connections and FUN : D


STRUCTURE of our BSS – the 3 PARTS :

PART 1 : HELLO – first steps in Rhino + Grasshopper, first connection with ArchiCAD, list, systems and a project with volumestudie + calculation
PART 2 : DATA – deeper steps with data, tree branches, building systems and professional tools
PART 3 : PARTY – after the hard work plug-ins, connections and wild horizont : D  

Is for you, if you feel:

      • as an architect, designer, draftman, engineer and want to learn about parametric design
      • it is time to automatize and accelerate your workfow
      • you are using Grasshopper, but you want to understand in a clear and deep way : )
      • you are not using the maximum potential of ArchiCAD
      • to explore how Grasshopper and Rhino can be used in ArchiCAD to feel more free and communicate to your ArchiCAD project
      • lost and overwhelmed with the thousand of videos, books, podcasts available on this topic and you want personal transformation : )
      • you are doing a lot of repetitive task over and over again
      • to start a course with PAZ for other reasons : D

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Terms and conditions: 

    • Training does not include general ARCHICAD training
    • It is the responsibility of the trainees to have legal and licensed softwares
    • You have to learn and work hard and enjoy the journey with PAZ : D

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