BIM, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

BIM, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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As architects, our goal and passion is to create smart, high quality design. For this reason, we always have to mix and match our tools with our task in order to achieve our professional freedom. Digital tools help you to cross software barriers, open workflows, connect them in real time and provide easy access to join forces with other professionals around our planet. : )

The buildings you design are a reflection of your identity. The way they look, perform, and the feelings they emote ā€“ are all related to your beliefs, your values, and your vision as an architect.

But what about your workflow? Does your workflow express the same ideas as your projects? In addition to what you design, we believe that how you design says something about you, too.

In this unprecedented collaboration, two computational designers explain their story, and how open technology and advanced workflows help express their identity, allowing them: To share information freely ā€“ maintaining design momentum without missing a beat. The freedom to choose ā€“ which design route to take, which software to use. A fun and rewarding experience ā€“ doing what they love while still meeting deadlines.

From computational design to documentation, mixing and matching technology to fit the needs of the project, and bringing a sense of fun and freedom to the entire process, this webinar will reveal the true identities of major international BIM players PAZ Academy, McNeel & Associates, and GRAPHISOFT.

To learn more about ArchiCAD and the Grasshopper Connection and how to be #BIMlingual connection ArchiCAD and Revit real time thanks to the Rhino Inside Revit development.

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