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Happy Birthday PAZ Academy! 🎂

No trip to Silicon Valley is complete without a touch of eccentricity, and the Winchester Mystery House did not disappoint. This architectural anomaly with stairways to nowhere and secret passages was our kind of crazy. It’s the physical embodiment of a programming loop gone rogue! 👁️‍🗨️

One of the most immersive experiences was watching “City of the Future.” For a moment, we lived in a world where flying cars were the norm and buildings interacted with us. It was like stepping into a sci-fi novel, except the popcorn was real! 🍿

Amidst our tech-focused escapades, we took a leisurely drive along the stunning Pacific coastline. With windows down and ocean breezes weaving through the car, we were reminded of the simple joys outside our digital realms.

And of course we stopped, we took some breaks. It was a perfect, serene interlude that had us all feeling a bit more connected—to each other and the vast, beautiful world beyond the code.

This refreshing detour underscored how vital it is to integrate nature into our built environments, grounding us and enhancing our well-being amidst the rush of innovation.

And some funny moments! ; )

Landed – almost there where we wanted.. : D

American Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 🇺🇸🥞☕

Lost? Definitely not 😀

PAZ Mission

Stay tuned for more geeky adventures from our team or join us, and remember, in Silicon Valley, even the impossible seems a little more probable!

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