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We are really happy and proud of the work of our first woman BSS ArchiCAD+Grasshopper Building System Specialist Marina  👩‍🎓


It was a pleasure to spend and share this nice and intense months with her. But this is her day, her celebration after this hard and amazing work what she made :

“The idea behind this project was to take fractal growth as a model for a city that can change its density while keeping the same structure. The biggest challenge for me was to find a realistic proportion between the building environment and the voids which are represented as the green areas.  Everything in this video is generated inside Archicad directly from Grasshopper. The python component was used to create a parametric masterplan pattern based on a recursive algorithm

I learned how to make all of this  in The BSS course at PAZ Academy created by Andrés and Nora who were also my tutors. Anyone can take this course including people with zero background in computational design. The course consists of three parts which are dedicated to develop a set of skills which one can immediately implement in work:

The 1st PART is a system of methods and resources that gives a solid base to start with your BIM software and Grasshopper connection.

The 2nd PART teaches how to manage the data from both sides.

The 3rd PART (is my favorite one).  It is exceptionally helpful and provides you with approaches to a variety of subjects.

I want to thank Nora and Andrés for the patient guidance during these 4 months. It was an incredible journey into the depths of parametric design and BIM which helped me to discover the confidence in using such powerful tools on a regular basis. I also appreciated the competition approach, although I am not a competitive person  it really helped me to stay motivated. Very often I took some time to discover more about the subject and I was always supported by the tutors. 

This course was a fortunate investment in my professional skills and an amazing experience!” – Marina

Thanks a lot for this nice words Marina and let’s continue : D


To sum up, we know ArchiCAD+Grasshopper BSS Title is an investment of time, energy and money. But to make it enjoyable, direct and personal, we built up the only and unique professional BSS. Building System Specialist Title is a PAZ masterpiece after 10 years of professional experience in this topic. So you learn about how to connect ArchiCAD with Rhino+Grasshopper. It will have a huge impact in your career. Meanwhile we talk you Rhino, Grasshopper, Archicad, Revit, Rhino Inside Revit. And of course other add-ons like Param-o, Python, Ladybug and much more.

Take care, it is addictive ; D



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