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After many years of experience in different countries, we are pleased to present PAZ – Parametric Academy Zurich.

At the event, we explain why we started, here in Switzerland, what is our objective, and why we are specialized in architects, designers and engineers. We will talk about the importance of collective and design thinking.

With a few examples, we will show you the power of the computer, how to break the rules of a program and develop our own design tools. These systems will give you the freedom and the capability to evolve your projects with more precision and control, saving time and money.

The main theme of the event will be the computational design with our favourite programs: Grasshopper (parametric design editor) integrated in Rhinoceros 6 (3D Modelling Software). If you have never heard or used it, or you know it but you can’t apply it for your daily work, this is your place.

During the event we will show you the courses for 2019, how we have built up the structure through our many years of academic experience. It is possible to have a personal talk with us, which we recommend that best suits your level and your dreams in order to achieve your goals.

All interested parties, beginners and advanced are welcome.
Register, come and get closer to the workflow of your dreams.

The price of the event is 10 CHF, supporting us with the rental of the place and drinks.